Farmer's Walk builds muscle fast, slashes body fat, increases strength and performance

  • 5.5" OD - 40" in length with 12" Olympic sleeve added onto ends.
  • Handles raised 6" off of the pipe
  • Weighs - 92 lbs. per pair  (Silver Metallic Finish)
    (C-0410-5-B) 5" FARMER'S WALK WITH CR. COLLARS-PAIR. Sale - $239.99/pr. (Free freight)


  • 8.5" OD - 40" in length with 12" Olympic sleeve added onto ends.
  • Handles raised 8" off of the pipe
  • Weighs - 132 lbs. per pair
    Sale - $269.99/pr. (Free freight)

  • 2.5" Pipe - 36" in length with 12" Olympic sleeves added onto ends.
  • Weighs - 48 lbs. per pair
  • Weights are not included

    Sale - $119.99/pr. (Free freight)
  • Farmers Walk W/Long Handles

  • Silver Metallic finish
  • 1.25" Dia Heavy Wall Tube for better Grip
  • 500 lb. Capacity

  • BB7-DBL- Econo Farmers Walk.
    Sale: $129.99/pair (Free Freight)

    Plates shown are for information only, will cost extra.

    Benefits of Farmer’s Walk for Strongman for Every Fitness Enthusiast.
    Do you wish to have broad shoulders, a strong core, and strong hands? If yes, then you must be exercising regularly either by enrolling into a gym membership or establishing a gym of your own. Either way, the focus is to become stronger with a more muscular body. While there are many exercises that could help you attain this goal, we going to limit this discussion to Strongman equipment of Steel Logs, Yokes and Farmer’s Walk.
    Have you ever seen the Strongman competitions on TV? If you have, you cannot help but notice the awesome physiques of some of the contestants and the amazing feats of strength they perform. Regular training using strongman equipment has helped them achieve these apparent qualities. The Steel Logs, Yokes and Farmer’s Walks are only a few of the main tools that can be used to take your training to a whole new level, even if you don’t plan on competing. There are many other benefits to your body from use of Strongman exercise equipment. Your core will strengthen, your legs will further develop and your overall strength and stamina will improve.
    Exercising with Steel Logs, Yokes and Farmer’s Walks is not easy – it can be outright tough. But benefits will soon be noticed after using any of these devices. Lifting Steel Logs overhead or taking walks with either a Yoke or Farmer’s Walks are exercises that can be done to develop better grip, core, and leg strength. The great thing about these exercise tools is that you can easily adjust to your desired workload by adding or reducing the resistance you are using.
    Here are some of the basic benefits you can experience through regular use of Steel Logs, Yokes and/or Farmer’s Walks: • Build strong and powerful legs and hips; • Strengthen the core; • Develop stronger shoulders, arms and back; • Increase your grip strength.
    When beginning use of these Strongman devices, utilize light weight until you develop good lifting form then gradually increase the weight you are using. Here are some general recommendations for using Yokes and Farmer’s Walks: • Start: Light weight and gradually increasing distance, generally 40 to 60 meters; • Then, Moderate weight and mid-distance, generally 20 to 30 meters max; • Then Heavy weight and shorter distances, generally 10 to 15 meters.
    There are usually two main objectives when using Strongman Steel Logs. These are 1) to lift heavier weights; and 2) to lift heavy weights for more repetitions. Empirical evidence supports a combination of these two objectives within your overall training program - Your shoulders, back and triceps will work like never before.
    The three main exercise objectives when using Strongman Yokes and Farmer’s Walks are: 1) to carry heavier weights; 2) to walk with weight for longer distances; and 3) to walk with heavier weights for longer distances. It has been proven that including all of these objectives in your overall training regimen will be the best for ultimate development. No matter what your health and fitness goals are, having quality and effective tools to help you reach your personal goals is vitally important. Whether you want a better physique, stronger body, or simply want to lose weight, effective and affordable exercise equipment can be found at New York Barbells. With over 43 years of success in the industry, we are happy to offer the best of quality equipment. Want high-quality, low-cost exercise equipment? End your search with New York Barbells.