Arm Pivot Mounted on Industrial Grade Pillow Block Bearings for long smooth operation.
  • 7 Seat height adjustments
  • Removable Pin to restrict Direction of Head Movement
  • Extra wide Base  for Stability
  • Designed for Olympic Plates
  • 8" long Olympic Plate Holders
  • Chrome Plated Handle
  • Works Neck in all 4 directions
  • Handles positioned for proper body adjustment
  • SIZE:27" X 48" X 55"H - 80 lbs.
  • Reg. $599.99, Sale: $399.99 Free Freight
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  • How Exercising with a 4-Way Neck Machine helps us. Ask New York Barbells:

    In Martial Arts and Boxing, the neck is generally considered to be a shock absorber for the head. This can also apply to auto accidents, quick starts and stops, and in almost every sport. Neck strengthening should never be ignored. Through proper use of a 4-Way Neck Machine, you are effectively building up the muscles that support your head.

    Making your neck strong like wrestlers commonly do will proactively provide you with the ultimate strength and power to handle any physical attack to your upper body.

    Want to improve the functional flexibility as well as overall strength of your neck? Try a 4-Way Neck Machine from New York Barbells an affordable effective tool in neck conditioning. You can easily click onto the official website of New York Barbells to see your savings.

    Why should we use a 4-Way neck Machine? What are the benefits?

    Your neck is comprised of 26 muscles that attach to bones in your skull, spine, thoracic cage and shoulder girdle. The muscles perform neck flexion (head forward), neck extension (head backward), and lateral flexion (side to side) and help to protect your spine (cervical vertebrae) and your enclosed spinal cord. Injury to any components of the neck can lead to pain, loss of function and in critical cases, paralysis.

    Having a strong and flexible neck is of great advantage for safety as well as performance in many sport activities. Less obvious is the importance of neck strength and flexibility following extended electronic equipment use. More often than not, sitting at a desk working on a computer results in a slight forward lean of the head whereby causing tight neck muscles. Pain is often experienced in the neck and radiates down the shoulders and back.

    The maintenance of good neck posture in addition to good neck strength and flexibility is essential to preventing functional decline which can occur with a non-conditioned neck and worsens as we age.

    To make sure your neck is in good shape and your risk for neck and spinal injury is reduced, include a 4-Way Neck Machine in your exercise regimen. This affordable and highly effective machine is available from New York Barbells.