TDS-91480 Standing Calf Unit


  • 2" HD tube construction with (7) Adjustable Heights
  • Dual Plate Holders 10" tall can Hold Up to 600 lbs.
  • Non Slippery Wide Steel Diamond Foot Plate: 23.5" X 5-3/8" Wide X 5" High
  • Professional grade Shoulder Pads: 4.5" W x 8.5"D x 3.5"Thick
  • Rear 2 weight pegs for storage
  • Space: 47.5" X 23" X 67"H - 98 lbs.
  • Comfortable, Smooth Movement, 2-Leg or 1-Leg capabilities, EZ Load
    Note: Plates shown are for information only. Will cost extra.

    (TDS-91480-O)  Mega Standing Calf Unit - Reg: $449.99, Sale $359.99 (Free Freight)
    Exercising your calves with straight legs has different benefits than doing them with bent knees. Standing calf raises emphasize the largest calf muscle (Gastrocnemius Muscle) whereas seated calf raises emphasize the smaller, underlying Soleus Muscle. The larger calf muscle is involved in every movement when you are on your feet (e.g. running, jumping). This unit provides a perfect rotational point that keeps your body aligned properly to train your calves.

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