• Great to develop Quadriceps & Gluts
  • Deluxe Padding
  • 4" X 2" Steel Tube Construction
  • White Powder Coated
  • Adjustable Foot Holder
  • Adjustable Rear Cushion
  • 18” X 45” X 23.5”H - 55 lbs.
  • $229.99 (Free Freight)

    Assembly Instructions

    • 1.Standing on foot plate with in step under 4X8 round cushions.
    • 2.Adjust rear cushion snug on CALF about 3" to 4" below knee
    • 3.Bend at knee & hip keeping back straight & hand at sides
    • 4.Return to starting position
    • NOTE:
    The TDS Pro Sissy Squat works the hams, glutes and quadriceps. Great for toning, reducing, bulking or conditioning. Use with body weight for toning and conditioning. Use with dumbbells for bulking and mass. This is a commercial quality machine. Heavy form padding for a comfortable feel. Adjustable front foot holder and adjustable rear pad for precise fit. Made of 2 inch x 4 inch steel tubing.

    TDS- 93166) Sissy Squat machine

     Why a (TDS- 93166) Sissy Squat machine?

    Every piece of strength training or bodybuilding equipment can be viewed as a tool that helps fill your work bench or tool chest with available options to stimulate alterations in your muscular structure. Some of these tools become your favorites – usually those that produce obvious results.  

    Such is the case for the (TDS- 93166) Sissy Squat machine: a relatively simple small piece of gym equipment that has gained in popularity because of its comfortable workout method and easy-to-use techniques. Not only limited to comfort, this machine provides a viable option for working muscles of the legs – all without having a bar pushing downward on your neck.

    Don’t let the name fool you, Sissy Squats can be one of the hardest but one of the most effective quad exercises. If you are looking for an effective yet affordable leg machine, New York BarBells has a host of options and is the largest online destination that offers you such strong and durable machines for your fitness center or home gym.


    Real gym enthusiasts do Sissy Squats!

    Real men eat Quiche! And Real men do Sissy Squats! You can ask most world-class bodybuilders if they do sissy squats only to discover that most do. Because of the position your body is in during use of this machine you will see (and feel) most of the work being done by your quadricep muscles while being assisted by your glutes and hamstrings. Your core muscles will play a part in the upward and downward movements by acting as stabilizing and balancing forces.


    Sissy Squat – an easily performed leg extension substitute!

    With this amazing equipment, you can simply lock your feet under the pads, press your calves against the lower leg pad, and you’re ready to go! You needn’t worry about balance or falling backward. Simply concentrate on the exercise! You will undoubtedly feel your quads work as you lower yourself down to a seated position. As you rise upward, you will again feel your quads contract in order to straighten your legs. NOTE: The lower you descend, the more you will engage and feel your glutes and hamstrings work as you rise upward. CAUTION: It is important to maintain a straight, vertically-positioned back – this directs the resistance to your legs and protects your back from undue stress (especially when holding onto added weight).  It is recommended that you perform some reps with just your bodyweight in order to get used to the movement before holding on to a weight.

    If you want to join the thousands of athletes and non-athletes using the New York Barbells’ Sissy Squat machine, visit www.NewYorkBarbells.com now!  

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